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Other Services

Scanlon Aviation offers a full range of services for new and experienced pilots.

Flight Training
Learn to fly in our 2007 Cirrus SR20-GTS, 2006 Cessna 172SP, 2014 Van’s RV-12 S-LSA or your aircraft. Private, Instrument, Commercial training, flight review, IPC and more.

Aircraft Rental
Rent our impeccably maintained 2007 Cirrus SR20-GTS, our G1000 equipped 2006 Cessna 172 SP or a 2014 Van’s RV-12 S-LSA.

Scenic Flights
Site see over the San Francisco Bay area from our luxurious Cirrus.

Cirrus Transition and Recurrent Training
Instrument Proficiency Check, Biennial Flight Review, Schedule these services with us in our aircraft or yours.

Pinch Hitter Training
We can train your non-pilot flying partner in the steps to control the aircraft and to safely land. We’ll also teach them how they can assist you in normal flying.

Learn how to use your Cirrus’ full capabilities in real life. Let us accompany you on a lengthy trip and help you gain experience and confidence.

Aircraft Maintenance
Our services include full aircraft maintenance, service and retail parts sales.

Scanlon Aviation operates an air charter service utilizing our Cirrus SR22.

Learn to fly Cirrus training

Integrated Private and Instrument Course—a blending of the Private and Instrument Pilot Courses

We’ll train you from a zero-time student pilot to private pilot and instrument pilot in this special course that saves you time and money.

Scanlon Aviation uses a three-tiered approach:

  1. Scenario-Based training—pilot training includes the context of real-world operations and real-world problem solving.
  2. Learner Centered Training—with your instructor you will track and evaluate your progress and evolution as a pilot.
  3. Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM)—SRM teaches a pilot how to safely and effectively manage the information and expanded capability of aircraft like the Cirrus.