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Cirrus Training Programs

Cirrus standardized Instructor
Transition Training is for pilots new to the Cirrus or pilots who have upgraded to a different airframe and avionics suite.

Advanced Transition Training is for the instrument rated and proficient pilot. The intent of this course is to provide training for the pilot who wishes to take full IFR advantage of the Cirrus aircraft through a course that combines the transition training course with the elements of an instrument proficiency check.

Avionics Differences Training is for the pilot transitioning to a new avionics suite or they are looking for a more in depth look at what their avionics are capable of. We can help you with Sandel, Avidyne, Perspective and Aspen Avionics equipment.

Airframe and Powerplant Differences Training if for the pilot moving into a different airframe/powerplant with performance differences substantial enough that training is strongly suggested or required by insurance and/or rental agreement.

Recurrent Training is recommended for all pilots regardless of how often they fly. The 90 day refresher and a Six Month Recurrent Check cycle are offered and encouraged.

Flight Review (Biennial)
Every 24 calendar months, all pilots need to complete a Flight Review and must include a minimum of one hour of flight and one hour of ground training. Our instructors know the Cirrus inside and out and can refresh your memory on all the systems, maneuvers, and emergency procedures which are crucial to being a proficient pilot.

Instrument Proficiency Check
Remember how to perform a procedure turn, DME arc, or parallel hold entry? Are you familiar with all the useful functions of your autopilot or GPS? Let our expert instructors help you maintain proficiency with one of the most advanced aircraft in the General Aviation world, including FIKA equipped Cirrus aircraft.

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Because there is flying, and there’s Cirrus flying.

In a Cirrus, pilot, plane and environment are perfectly integrated in harmony to both simplify and maximize the pleasure of the journey.

It’s about a flying experience that makes one of the coolest things on earth… cooler.