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Air Charter
Service Area

Scanlon Aviation Air Charter Service can provide service to over 400 airports throughout California, Oregon and Nevada.

Our air charter service is ideal for business meetings. Overnight service is available too.

  • We operate on YOUR schedule
  • Fly safely and quickly instead of driving all day
  • No commercial airport hassles
  • Save the expense of an overnight stay
  • Depart in the morning, conduct your business, be home for dinner

I often need to be throughout California for depositions and other meetings. It simply does not make sense to fly commercially when hours can mean thousands of dollars. Even when the trip is for pleasure, the convenience of flexible departure/arrival makes the thought of commercial flight a nightmare. When it comes to private charter airfare, Patrick with Scanlon Aviation is simply the best!

Randall H. Scarlett, Attorney, Marin County, CA


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